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When you are neutral you are likely to attract outcomes that appeal to you and more likely to make better choices to attract situations and people that are in alignment with your authentic desires. Everything and everyone, is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of electrons that have a negative charge, of protons that have a positive charge, and of neutrons that remain neutral. It is not physically possible to turn a “negative” into a “positive.”


We. Are. All. One.

Many things in life are perceived to be negative. When people become neutral to any given problem rather than attempt to convince themselves that a negative is a positive, they are much more open to creative solutions. The transition to neutrality occurs in a split second when opposing forces spin into coherence. Coherence happens when you give yourself total permission to dive into your future with whole-hearted abandon, willing, ready and able to let go of the problem. In that split second of neutrality, when you let go and give yourself total permission to live your dreams, you become consistent with your authentic desires, committed and neutral to your future. Place this card in a prominent place to remind you to take that second!


When your thoughts are encoded with your heart energy, all problems have the potential to spin into perfect order in alignment with the universe. Use this card to remind you that you are the center of your universe (remember, everyone else is also at the center of their universe).


Shift Happens!