Do You Want To Be Right, Or To Be Happy!


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Many people who are weak to the extremes of being everything and being nothing alternate between arrogance and unworthiness. They appear to be confident, but deep down they fear that people will discover that they are unworthy of love. Consequently, they often hide behind arrogance and their desire to be right to avoid rejection. There is a fine line between vanity and pride.


Vanity. Rejection. Extinction.

Vanity causes people to take actions that are geared to impress others and build self-image based on ego. An example of this is when a rich dentist from Minnesota, USA sparked an international outcry after traveling to Zimbabwe to slaughter Cecil the lion after he was lured outside of Hwange National Park. Cecil was being studied by scientists at Oxford University to better understand how to save the species and was wearing a GPS collar when he was killed.

It is challenging to understand how killing and mounting the head of an endangered species as magnificent as Cecil could be considered impressive, but apparently in some circles it is. Thankfully, Cecil’s brother, Jericho understands that true pride comes from within and stepped up to protect Cecil’s cubs from being annihilated by rival males when that normally would have been their fate. If you are tempted to take weak actions to impress others (or yourself) correct yourself with this card.

All Or Nothing, Hear Me Roar!