5) Can energy correcting cards and paintings be used to instil negative energy?

Regardless of whether you are using an oracle or tarot deck it does not predict the future as many people think. It is a snapshot of the present and the steps or influences from the past leading to the situation at hand. It can only indicate likely probabilities and possibilities in the future if the situation continues in the same direction or changes in another.

Only God has the big picture and therefore the ability to predict the future and timing of events and the reasons why evil exists. Readings are an entertaining tool meant to consider a problem from a new perspective, empowering YOU to gain insight from the Higher Self Network to make strong choices leading to YOUR best version. YOU are a blank canvas. The interplay of cards in tarot/oracles indicates the trajectory of YOUR current path, offering advice and guidance through a new perspective for YOUR best outcome, not the path of others.

You have a direct line to God if you cultivate the relationship. My “go-to” is Jesus Christ. You are not an insignificant dot. You are unique and so is your relationship with God (Universal Source Energy). I have poured sixteen years of energy into this “work of heart” Tails From the Vector, to instil unconditional love, percolating on the back burner for sixteen years and have faith that NOW is the perfect time to unleash their wizdom. People from around the globe who have attended my seminars, worked with me in private consultations, called into The Truth is Funny radio show, read my books, etc, often share their experiences of the dragons’ showing up for them at times when they were very triggered and calmed them in times of high stress and danger.

If anyone attempts to use the energy of the Maestros for evil purposes, the negativity will be removed, replaced and recycled into divine love. They choose to be gentle, patiently cultivating the understanding that true freedom is from discipline of the mind through our thoughts and actions in alignment with authentic desires and God’s great plan, unless a person chooses to do things the hard way. Cause and effect is universal law. The dragons are very fierce and intent on their purpose so eventually karma will hit hard! They have a weird sense of humour, and I have noticed over the years, that it is hard to ignore a dragon when they are ready to spin their tale!

NUGGET OF WIZDOM FROM THE UNIVERSE The opposite of love is not hate, in fact it is disrespect, first and foremost for self. When we have respect for ourselves we are in resonance with the universe and automatically share unconditional love with others.