Crystal Rays from the Great Central Sun appear as dragonflies on the 3D plane. Intimately connected to dragons, they embrace and envelope love through the cosmic heart and embody the power of flight and mastery of life on the wing.

An energetic upgrade occurs in that split second when you give yourself total permission to operate beyond 100% potential and flip that switch. This activates coherence of your CNS, plugged into the authentic desires held in your heart. This energy is strong!

On The Right Side There Is A Little Bit Left! Flip The Think Switch Off!
grace your space with flare
Our local talent prints your art reproduction using premium fine art canvas, printed with archival, pigmented long lasting inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5” deep stretcher frame, resulting in a beautiful “gallery wrap” canvas art work that is ready to hang and enjoy. The edges can be either black or mirrored (“Color” option).