1) What is the distinction between an oracle and a tarot deck?

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards with specific illustrations symbolizing meanings, used since the fifteenth century. It has two sections, the Major Arcana made up of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards containing four suites, including face cards, the Ace, King, Queen and Jack, similar to traditional playing cards:
Cups (element of water) representing emotional aspects of the heart Pentacles (element of earth) representing physical matter Swords (element of air) representing mind over matter Wands (element of fire) representing application and trajectory of energy

The Major Arcana is the tale of the journey from a new beginning 0-00 Fool card to 21,The World card representing the end of a cycle.

The Minor Arcana represents steps taken in the past leading to the the present situation NOW and the likely outcome if the trajectory continues.

The definition of an oracle is something that is regarded as a sure guide, nudging us towards intuitive insight and guidance. The illustrations represent a theme and consist of any number of cards.

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2) What is the vector?

Vectors are mathematical equations that describe anything having both direction and magnitude. They are usually drawn as pointed arrows, the length of which represents the vector’s magnitude. For example, wind has a vectorial quality because it blows in a certain direction at a certain speed.

Think of a football thrown by a quarterback downfield for a specific receiver to catch. It has both direction and magnitude depending on how hard it is thrown and the accuracy of the pass, but outside influences including interception from the opposing team, wind, the receiver’s skillset, etc. have an affect on its ability to arrive to its destination. In an equation representing this action, the direction of the vector arrow marks the ball’s direction and the length of the arrow, the speed at which it is travelling.

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3) Why are there sixty-four cards in Tails From The Vector Oracle?

The sixty-four cards represent the sixty-four tetrahedron grid, named the ‘Merkaba’. The Merkaba is the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. ‘Mer’ means light. ‘Ka’ means spirit. ‘Ba’ means body.
Your personal Merkaba consists of two tetrahedrons connected by the overlapping bases.

The point of masculine polarity (electric) is the top tetrahedron pointing to The Great Central Sun. The point of feminine polarity (magnetic) is the bottom tetrahedron, pointing to Earth.

Your Merkaba is a howling beacon calling you home to awaken to the best version of yourself!

4) How do the energy correcting cards and paintings work?

It was a sixteen year labor of love to bring this magical oracle into being. Each painting and card are imprinted with intentions to shift energetic weaknesses into alignment with your authentic desires. On average, the Maestro paintings took six months to complete. The entire time I was working on them, I was shifting energetic weaknesses on a universal scale, infusing unconditional love and crystal frequencies into each painting and ink drawing.

The tools of Feng Shui are used to balance what are commonly referred to as the elements office, earth, water and ether. Whee the elements in a home, business, office,school, vehicles, etc. are out of balance the energy can be changed using the energy in paintings.

5) Can energy correcting cards and paintings be used to instil negative energy?

Regardless of whether you are using an oracle or tarot deck it does not predict the future as many people think. It is a snapshot of the present and the steps or influences from the past leading to the situation at hand. It can only indicate likely probabilities and possibilities in the future if the situation continues in the same direction or changes in another.

Only God has the big picture and therefore the ability to predict the future and timing of events and the reasons why evil exists. Readings are an entertaining tool meant to consider a problem from a new perspective, empowering YOU to gain insight from the Higher Self Network to make strong choices leading to YOUR best version. YOU are a blank canvas. The interplay of cards in tarot/oracles indicates the trajectory of YOUR current path, offering advice and guidance through a new perspective for YOUR best outcome, not the path of others.

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6) How can you make your affirmations more powerful?

Pouring energy into wishing and positive thinking is a waste of time. The assumption that the desires of the conscious mind will manifest what a person desires through repeated affirmations leads to the frustration of unsatisfied desires and unexpressed potential. If the sub-conscious and unconscious mind are not energetically aligned with conscious desire it amounts to wishing. Wishing for something you don’t have attracts more situations of wishing for something you don’t have. Conscious desires must be aligned with choices made on the sub-conscious and un-conscious level to manifest into reality.

Convincing yourself through repetition is not the answer. Peeling away hidden layers of energetic blocks on the sub-conscious and un-conscious level is the quickest way to understanding and achieving authentic desires and allowing them to come into being in the third dimensional world.

7) What are chakras?

The seven major body chakras are aligned along the vertical mid-line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Like a radar dish in a research center, the chakras serve as memory banks, storing vast quantities of information from previous and current lifetimes, as well as possibilities in the future. You can think of them as rotating tetrahedrons that receive and radiate their own level of consciousness or sensations of awareness of energy, acting as transformers to specific points where there are nerve plexus or ganglia. The nerve centers that translate the vibrations received in the area are nerve responses that are experienced on a physical level. These responses are the reactions people experience as feelings that have a direct influence on their daily lives, whether they acknowledge that influence or not. The seven chakras are also associated with seven rays of primary energy fields that influence particular energy characteristics and colors. Experience through your chakras is much like a flower’s awareness of its own beauty, opening petals as each resonance or frequency is reached, connecting the ego to higher self and highest existence in the search for truth.

8) What is karma?

Karma is not punishment; it is just the way the universe works. It is not good or bad, positive or negative, but a matter of cause and effect, a debt from acts of transgression, causing death to other living things in the 3-D as well as on a spiritual level. Karma can be directly caused by a person through accumulations of interactions within the world and with other people. It can also be indirectly caused by others through associations with ancestors, descendants, cultural influences, collective consciousness, etc., or by karmic spaces.

Accumulated Karma is karma that people have directly brought to themselves or that is directly caused by them. Associated Karma is the effect of karma that does not directly belong to a person. It is associated with family members, friends, co-workers, cultural influences, the collective consciousness, etc. Karmic spaces are karmas that do not involve personalities, but attitudes to personalities. Most people come into their current lifetime with more than one karmic space, and some come with all of them.

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9) What are Laws Of The Universe?

Unlike man-made laws, the Laws Of the Universe are not governed by the random opinion and agenda of policy makers. They are physical and nonphysical laws describing what happens under certain conditions on the back end of our actions, especially when flaunting immorality and disregarding common sense and decency.

Many people have been taught to choose between the perfect order of God and the laws of physics, as if they are in conflict with each other instead of complementing each other.. The laws of physics explain how an engine is built to work but those laws are only theory until someone chooses to build it, fuel it and start it up! Because of this, many people are more familiar with ‘Murphy’s Law’ than the mechanics of the universe.

Murphy’s Law – If there are more than two ways to do something and one of those ways can result in catastrophe, then someone will do it!

In 1947 Edward A. Murphy Jr. a US Force Engineer coined this phrase after observing the after effects of a rocket sled experiment gone awry, when every one of sixteen accelerator instruments were installed the wrong way, resulting in his observation, that if anything can go wrong it will and usually at the most inopportune time!

10) What is the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light?

In 2007 I had just completed my internship to meet the qualifications to become a certified Yuen Method™ Practitioner and purchased a Crossing The Event Horizon DVD set by Nassim Haramein to gain a logical explanation of black holes, sacred geometry, etc. that Dr. Kam Yuen often mentioned in his talks.

One of the side effects of tapping into your intuition is the creative genius that accompanies it. Many of the people whom I have worked with experience a spike in their creativity, moving them to express themselves through art, writing poems, books and music, dancing, etc.. At that time I was also studying tarot/oracle and inspired by Brian Froud’s, “The Faeries Oracle” to work on a series of paintings and create my own oracle.

Therefore it was a pleasant surprise when Ahnje, Crystal Queen announced her presence as the first dragon of sixty four paintings for an oracle from The Inter-Galactic Federation of Light. At that time I knew very little about dragons and hadn’t heard of The Galactic Federation. I avoided reading books, watching movies, etc. about dragons and the federation and relied on my intuition to test the information but over the years I met more and more people at my seminars and personal consultations who imparted their knowledge.

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11) How do crystals heal?

Although healing with crystals is often considered pseudoscience and a placebo effect, ancients in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, China, India, etc. have used them for over 5000 years for healing purposes. There’s a wide array of crystals and stones that are said to offer a variety of benefits or contain specific properties with each having its own energy signature and vibration.

Crystals, in particular, quartz crystals can be secured and tapped into for a release of electricity by using a piezoelectric mechanical energy discharge using direct force with a permanent magnet.

Laying on of crystals uses pyroelectricity through temperature change from the heat of the body to the crystals.

12) What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a vine that naturally grows in parts of South America, used by shamans in ceremony. It is the name of the vine but is also commonly referred to as the name of many different brews or teas the shamans mix because the fundamental ingredient is ayahuasca.

On its own, ayahuasca is a strong purgative that also produces visionary states due to a family of chemicals called the Harmala Alkaloids which cause the purging, but also are an inhibitor of the Monomine Oxidase enzyme in the stomach, in charge of breaking down compounds such as histamine, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, etc. It also breaks down any Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) taken orally, which is a naturally occurring compound, allowing lucid dreaming to occur.

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13) What is Sapo Frog Medicine?

Kambo, also known as “frog medicine” or “sapo”, is the venom secreted by the bright green Giant Leaf or Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) native to the rainforest regions of several South American countries. Widely sought after by indigenous tribes for its purification of the physical and non-physical aspects of both the mind and body. Once captured, locals carefully and respectfully tie them by all fours to provoke secretion of the venom. After quickly scraping the waxy venom off the frog’s back and legs, they release it back into the wild unharmed. This frog secretion is then dried and stored where it keeps for over a year.

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