10) What is the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light?

In 2007 I had just completed my internship to meet the qualifications to become a certified Yuen Method™ Practitioner and purchased a Crossing The Event Horizon DVD set by Nassim Haramein to gain a logical explanation of black holes, sacred geometry, etc. that Dr. Kam Yuen often mentioned in his talks.

One of the side effects of tapping into your intuition is the creative genius that accompanies it. Many of the people whom I have worked with experience a spike in their creativity, moving them to express themselves through art, writing poems, books and music, dancing, etc.. At that time I was also studying tarot/oracle and inspired by Brian Froud’s, “The Faeries Oracle” to work on a series of paintings and create my own oracle.

Therefore it was a pleasant surprise when Ahnje, Crystal Queen announced her presence as the first dragon of sixty four paintings for an oracle from The Inter-Galactic Federation of Light. At that time I knew very little about dragons and hadn’t heard of The Galactic Federation. I avoided reading books, watching movies, etc. about dragons and the federation and relied on my intuition to test the information but over the years I met more and more people at my seminars and personal consultations who imparted their knowledge.

In 2008 at a speaking engagement at The Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata, BC. I met Deborah Warren from CSETI, trained by and working with Dr. Steven Greer from The Disclosure Project. She invited us to join her on the dock in the evenings to connect with extra-terrestrial beings. I enjoyed speaking there every year until 2014 after the Naramata Centre unfortunately closed and even brought Vinko Totic with me one year to share his movie about the newly discovered pyramids in Bosnia. The beautiful evenings on the dock with the loving connections were the highlight of my trips there. At first only a handful of people showed up each night at her events but attendance grew over the years to about thirty five people at the final event I attended. Many had heard of the Galactic Federation but none of The Inter-Galactic Federation of Light.

At that time most would be considered as conspiracy theorists in the UFO community until December 9, 2020 when a torrent of shares on social media announced that former Head of Space Security, Haim Eshed from Israel announced, as did former Canadian Minister of National Defence Paul Hellyer, before him that aliens do exist. Eshed also declared that a Galactic Federation also existed and had rejected Earth’s membership because we were not ready!

The definition of the prefix “inter” is “among or between,” “reciprocal”, “occurring between” “located between” as in interplanetary or located among and between planets.