8) What is karma?

Karma is not punishment; it is just the way the universe works. It is not good or bad, positive or negative, but a matter of cause and effect, a debt from acts of transgression, causing death to other living things in the 3-D as well as on a spiritual level. Karma can be directly caused by a person through accumulations of interactions within the world and with other people. It can also be indirectly caused by others through associations with ancestors, descendants, cultural influences, collective consciousness, etc., or by karmic spaces.

Accumulated Karma is karma that people have directly brought to themselves or that is directly caused by them. Associated Karma is the effect of karma that does not directly belong to a person. It is associated with family members, friends, co-workers, cultural influences, the collective consciousness, etc. Karmic spaces are karmas that do not involve personalities, but attitudes to personalities. Most people come into their current lifetime with more than one karmic space, and some come with all of them.

It is common to have karma with significant others, meaning spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, in-laws, etc., as well as with random people who come into your life, like employers, employees, doctors, lawyers, dentists, bankers, fellow students, teachers, etc. The interconnections of karma often have many twists and turns. People also have karma with members of their soul family who are more often than not, exclusive from their genetic family. Once the karma is cleared, there often is no longer a reason to stay with each other, and this realization can cause a lot of confusion and disappointment.

Past lives often come up when clearing karma. A person does not have to believe in past lives to have past life karma because there are enough people on the planet who do believe in past lives, and so it has become part of the collective consciousness. In fact, past lives are actually variances in the vector of space-time, not linear time as we perceive it here on earth.

Attracting situations and people with whom you have karma is common. It is an opportunity not only to clear the karma, but also to make your life and the lives of others BETTER. Clearing karma is removing the effect, not only from living people, but also from spirits who have been on the receiving end of karma from their ancestors and descendants. To effectively clear karma, it is crucial that the debt is paid in full, with no need for anyone to suffer or struggle with it, and no need to learn from the karma any longer by repeating the experience, allowing everyone to move on from the karma, up and down the family line. As each and every one of us clears karma, it makes the world a better place because “outer peace” is only possible through the “inner peace” of every individual.

When karma intensifies, it transforms into curses and creates additional karma and karmic spaces. It may seem that people who engage in black magic to purposefully harm others for their own benefit are ‘getting away with murder’ but eventually everyone’s karma catches up with them and their unfortunate ascendants/descendants who pay the price (with compound interest) for their selfish acts.