Dragonflies are intimately connected to dragon energy. They embody the power of flight and mastery of life on the wing. Viewing life from all angles, they use the power of light to escape the blows that life can deliver. These crystal rays reach out from the Great Central Sun to embrace and envelope love through the heart space.
Physical sensations in your body speak to you about happenings on every other level of your existence. They can work in your favor to resolve underlying energetic issues before they become major physical issues. People are often tempted to ignore some subtle sensations because they are taught to fear them as “bad news” that they don’t want to know about. Be sensational! If you feel that you are too sensitive, don’t panic. Check first to see if you are hanging out with insensitive, repressed assholes.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream!
grace your space with flare
Our local talent prints your art reproduction using premium fine art canvas, printed with archival, pigmented long lasting inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5” deep stretcher frame, resulting in a beautiful “gallery wrap” canvas art work that is ready to hang and enjoy. The edges can be either black or mirrored (“Color” option).