“This book has the unique one two punch gift of powerful insight and humor to rocket the world beyond what any of us think is possible.
“Whether it’s illness, relationships or finance issues you are struggling with, this book is a bedside reference to shift you and support you to manifest your dreams into reality. A true gift to the world, both the book and the author.
Karen Campbell Betten, Founder of Intuitive Living New York

“Are you ready for a real transformation? Many books tell you about transformation and then you go away and wonder how you can bring that transformation into your life.

“This book is here to transform, shift and bring you into alignment to who you are here to be and can be. It’s not something that is “out there” and can’t be reached. It’s here, right here. Just the energy of the book can bring about transformation. To me it’s almost like a book out of Hogwarts, but here it’s the energy of the divine/creator (within you) that jumps out of the book bringing about the transformation.
“Colette’s book has been written to create a shift in you to align you with your true essence. If you’re ready for that, then this book is for you.”

Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist UK