I listened to Colette on the Sheila show and knew that I wanted her to work with me. I have never listened live to the show but on this day I knew I needed to. I have lived in Shaghai for the past year and a half, and for a year of that I have had extreme allergies and asthma (the medical diagnosis). Having spent more time ill than well here and with the ill episodes getting longer it was difficult for me to get strong and healthy between so that when I connected with Colette on the Sheila show I was quite weak, weary and suffering from not being able to breathe well. Also because I was so weak, I was not able to walk for more than a few steps at a time. Colette worked with me on the show and set the ball rolling.

I knew the base of what was going on was emotional with the environment simply aggravating everything but I didn’t have the correct tools to deal with it. The first thing Colette did was tell me it was 100% emotional and that the causes are NEVER what we think they are. By the end of the show session I was feeling much better with Colette strengthening my breathing and also my lower torso and then strengthening them to each other. She also opened up my throat. The show was on a Wednesday.

Many things started clearing in my body and everything that was being set in motion sent me in a tailspin so I contacted Colette and scheduled a session with her for Monday. During that session she started purging the troublesome aspects of my life that were causing the asthma and walking problems. It was bizarre the things she was pulling out of my past! She also started correcting all the other aspects and issues up at this time.

I scheduled another session for that Friday. That day was my first day back at work and I actually worked a 12 hour day having no problems with my breathing or my walking. So it was essentially nine days for the work Colette did with me to get me from the place I was on the Sheila Show to being back functioning totally! That is absolutely amazing – I have never experienced anything to be able to clear all of this in short a period of time. I’m looking forward to the shifts from the session on Friday – Colette said that my life would not look the same to me one week from then! So yeah….

I’m making my wish list of all of the things that I want to work on and will definitely work with Colette. She is warm and loving, totally non judgmental and so intuitive so that she can get to the heart of the issues. I am forever grateful to you Colette for your work.”

Deborah Wheimer, Shahai China