For eons fair-ies have watched in horror, bearing witness to the escalating rape and pillage of their beloved Earth. Forced to share the same physical plane as mankind, many have fallen victim to the poisons and toxins created by humans who pollute the air and water that sustains life on this planet.
Finding fair-ies with no ulterior motives, who are willing to appear in a form acceptable to human sensibilities is a challenge indeed! Many share a deep loathing for mankind and believe that humans should suffer the same fate as the innocent creatures and plant species they have annihilated through their greed.

Life is not fair but you can be!

The world is truly blessed when fair-ies reach into the depths of their being to forgive past transgressions. Kissed by the power of  “crystal dragon breath,†these magical creatures dust the earth with unconditional love, flowing unhindered from their heart space. They go to great lengths to ensure that life is fair, although life is not fair (even their name “fair–ie†shows how fair they want life to be). As you can imagine, they are kept very busy, doing their best to compensate by “righting†the “wrongs†perpetrated throughout the universe.