The human condition was catastrophic for the Dragons, whose lineage can be traced to the Creational Blueprint of Reality. Delicate systems short-circuited as they struggled with the instantaneous onslaught of negative emotions. Exclusive strands in their DNA failed to protect them from the plummet to a lower vibration and lead to the collapse of their instinctual survival.

As Humanity searched for the Memory of Divinity, desperation led to violent acts. Many dragons were captured and slaughtered, while others succumbing to torture, were forced to disclose ancient secrets. This warped force was unleashed for the purposes of war, destruction, famine and the rape of our planet and continues to this day.

The Ancient Feminine Warrior leapt into the fray, swinging her sword, prepared for battle. Her fire merged with the Sun God igniting the vision of the Dragon Elders while the moon serenaded the dragons with the soothing cadence of Her muse. The earth’s waters, stirred by her breath, flowed with the Rhythm of the Ages until The Ancient Song rippled throughout the universe guiding the dragons into the safe haven of the Mother’s uterus, deep within the bowels of the Earth.

Upon their arrival, many waited in vain for loved ones who never did materialize. Their profound grief shook the core of the earth, whipping the winds of change into furious tornados and hurricanes. The earth flooded with their tears and the Sun refused to shine His warmth. Earthquakes caused yawning gaps on the earth’s surface forming mountains from the fissures of their broken hearts. So it remained, until their emotions were spent and Grace shone rays of hope in their hearts once again.

The elders formulated a plan of action. It was decided that the male dragons would navigate the frontlines of the macrocosmic world to better understand the laws governing the minefield of their new environment. The females, whose numbers were alarmingly low, would remain at the safe haven to explore the microcosmic elements of their existence under the watchful eye of the protective Elders.

Thus they remained for centuries, as assessed by the Gregorian calendar. Reconnecting with their alchemic skills, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance through instruction of all Esoteric Arts and Arcane Wizdom. They became extremely proficient at shifting energy through the study of Pranic, Tantric and Kundalini knowledge. Complete access to the Light Library, which included all Lemurian and Akashic records was a privilege enjoyed by all. Their infrequent forays into the outside world were educational field trips and as they matured, for mating…