Crystals and minerals have healing properties through their own consciousness, a resonance or vibration as unique as our own DNA. They capture light to reflect back to us what is needed to gently push us along our journey. Crystal healing uses the subtle energies of crystals and gemstones to heal and protect other organisms. When a crystal is applied to a body’s electromagnetic system, it transfers the energy of its particular vibration or frequency to restore balance, clarity, and the natural energies that have been compromised or depleted in an energetic field; in short, it releases the blocks that impede potential. By definition, each mineral has its own crystalline structure composed of specific atoms and chemical bonds. Every chemical has characteristic, transferable, vibrational and rotational frequencies; these can be measured by using spectrophotometers to translate the vibrations and rotational band frequencies. Although crystal healing at this time is considered an “alternative medicine,” it has been used for centuries. Its roots are in ancient Egypt, but China and India have also used the properties of crystals for healing purposes for over five thousand years. Changes in temperature create an electrified state (static electricity) resulting in the polarity of the crystal, meaning that one end will repel while the other end attracts.

Body temperature, when holding or “laying-on-of-stones,” activates the principles of pyro-electricity.


The energetic exchange of atoms is dictated by the atoms of the crystal and the atoms of the person holding it. Positive and negative charges, which are symmetrical within the crystal, cause the connection to be electrically neutral. When stress is applied to the crystal, the symmetry is slightly broken, and this creates voltage. Every crystal on earth has this ability, but crystals from the quartz family are the most powerful generators and “healing amplifiers” on earth due to their unique helical form. They are said to bring the “energy of the stars into the soul.” Like natural computers, they store, sort and access information to facilitate memory and concentration, and this makes them the most effective crystals for programming. They attune their vibration to each situation as needed, and work from the energy of homeostasis to absorb, store and release energy and thoughts, thus facilitating memory and concentration and removing blocks to encourage flow.