Every individual has vortices of energy in their etheric body (the subtle body closest to the physical body) that spin energy in from their astral body (the bridge between the physical plane and the spiritual plane) and beyond. The seven major body chakras are aligned along the vertical mid-line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Like a radar dish in a research center, the chakras serve as memory banks, storing vast quantities of information from previous and current lifetimes, as well as possibilities in the future. You can think of them as rotating tetrahedrons that receive and radiate their own level of consciousness or sensations of awareness of energy, acting as transformers to specific points where there are nerve plexus or ganglia. The nerve centers that translate the vibrations received in the area are generating nerve responses that are experienced on a physical level. These responses are the re-actions people experience as feelings that have a direct influence on their daily lives, whether they acknowledge that influence or not.