Running competitively has been difficult for the past four years or so. I have had many negative experiences with coaches, other athletes, and injuries which all had a major effect on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Being a successful runner at a young age, and battling these negative experiences led to me having less confidence and constantly questioning my abilities in a competitive setting. I love running and competing, and I could never give up on myself. However, I lost the joy of running. I lost my edge and my competitive side, and I did not know how to get it back.

“Colette first worked on me this past Christmas. I immediately realized the difference in the way I thought about running. There were no negative feelings associated with running. I would go out for a run and enjoy myself; I would go to practice and be excited and ready to go! This is something I have not felt in years, and it felt amazing!

I contacted Colette before every race during my indoor track season. I noticed that I was excited and positive before every race. From the first race to my last race I also noticed a major difference. I slowly saw my competitive edge coming back, which I have not had in over four years. I was more patient and confident during my race. I was able to separate my mind from my running, which allowed me to take chances that I typically would not have done. I did not view racing as a negative experience anymore. I was not afraid of racing, and I took each race as an opportunity to learn and gain more experiences.

“My indoor track season was a great success with the help of Colette! It is the first year that I fully completed an entire indoor season in a long time. I have compartment syndrome in my shins that has kept me off the track for nearly four years. Although it has taken several years, I now know how to manage the symptoms of my chronic injury. This indoor season I ended up breaking my university’s 3000m record! Although it is not yet the fastest I have run, it gives me the confidence that I can run faster and even better than my personal best times from my past. Throughout the season I ran consistently well, which I view very positively. It is one thing to run a fast time once, but I was able to do this several times. My greatest achievement this indoor season was competing at my conference meet while being sick. Not feeling well made me question whether I should compete, but I decided that I did not want to give up on this opportunity. Not only did I work hard all season, but it would be another great learning experience. I actually ended up moving up in the rankings. My rankings going into my races would not have gotten points for my team’s standings;; however, after moving up in the rankings I actually earned some points for my team! Experiencing a sore throat, ear ache, headache, and chest congestion while running was agonizing but well worth it in the end! I know that there are only greater things to come!

“I finally enjoy and love running once again, and racing without fear feels amazing! Colette is brilliant and absolutely amazing! She is a very positive, supportive, and giving person. I appreciate the time Colette had spent with me, and impact she has had on my life. I am very fortunate and grateful to connect with her! Thank you very much!!

Karissa Lepage, Regina, Sask