My twin pregnancy was diagnosed as monoamniotic monochorionic around 12 weeks. This is a very high risk pregnancy with a 50% chance of survival until the babies reach viability. This diagnosis was completely devastating for my husband and me.

“Colette worked on the babies, on me, and on my husband. She made the babies and me stronger to each other, made me strong to my new role as a mother, and, most importantly, taught me not to worry about the pregnancy. One of the most powerful things she said to me was, “If a mother cannot see a bright future for her children, then who can?”

My husband had lost the use of his right arm due to a work accident that occurred in 2005. He was extremely worried about not being able to hold his little girls. After one session, he was able to remove his brace and move his fingers. By the time the girls were born a month later, he had gone from wearing a brace all the time to not needing it at all. He is now able to workout on a regular basis and can carry both girls at the same time! His doctor cannot explain why or how the arm started working again, but he told my husband to keep doing what he was doing because it’s working.

“Colette continued to work on our family throughout the pregnancy. They were born at 32 weeks and 5 days gestation. The doctors had prepared us for 3 pound babies who may have a great deal of trouble breathing and feeding. The babies who came out were 4lbs, 3oz and 4lbs, 9oz; they needed oxygen for only a few days and have always been very enthusiastic eaters. Our neonatologist had gone to great lengths preparing himself and his staff for all the complications that small premature twins can have; he did not prepare anyone for my big, noisy babies! The nurses commented more than once that these girls didn’t have any of the troubles that they were expected to have. I very much believe that without the energy work, they would not have been as strong and healthy as they are. We have had no complications from their prematurity and it has in no way slowed them down. At every checkup with their pediatrician, we had to remind her that they are premature; when they had their one-year checkup, she said she doesn’t even consider them preemies anymore. They are big, active babies who are engaged, happy and interested in everything. They are currently working on walking and enjoy learning sign language with mommy, wagon rides, and cuddling their stuffed bears.”

Laura Mack, Regina,Saskatchewan