“There are only a few books or references that truly capture what is needed to enable a person to regain and remain in optimum wellness and vitality. This is my “new best friend” for information that benefits me and clients with whom I work.”

Colette has done an amazingly thorough and creative job of:
• Describing our physical body, it’s parts and systems, how it
functions, and how it is impacted by our beliefs and the way we live.

• Picturing many ways in which we approach living our life and how these both help and hinder us.

• Capturing various aspects of our environment and they impact us.

• Describing numerous symptoms, diseases, and difficulties we
encounter and root causes for them.

• Revealing with great wisdom how we can live long, rich lives to the great benefit of ourselves and others.
“I do not know of any other books that so richly describe and integrate such a wealth of information.

LeRoy Malouf, author, founder of EWBP