It is very hard, to say something about something that is this brilliant other than: brilliant!

When I first met Colette in 2009 in Philadelphia, I instantly knew we are connected Souls and I couldn’t wait to meet that charming and energizing woman. Years down the road I am still blown away by Colette and her ability to shift energy! This book you are holding in your hand right now is probably the best thing you could possibly buy in order to shift your life for the better. Years of knowledge and research, working with thousands of clients, holding seminars, exchanging knowledge with top healers and energy workers around the globe all came to be sorted and to be broken down to its pieces in order to be explained in this book. Read it, use it and work with it! I promise you will feel a difference faster than you could ever imagine.”

Marc Kettenbach, author, co-founder Energetic Upgrade Seminars