I was going through a terrible divorce, my estranged husband was trying to force me to sell my home, that I paid for, he did not … and wanted everything sold and split 50/50. Each time we would get to court, it would come time to go put money in the parking meters for our vehicles, and he would get into his, and drive off, postponing the proceedings again. This went on for four years. There was no negotiating with him, it was to be all his way, or no way. I was out of money, out of ideas and didn’t know what to do. Then I thought of Colette and her energy work.

I had received a free half hour session with Colette and decided to call her for any and all assistance she could render. I advised Colette that my lawyer had figured it would take four (4) days in court to go through all the paperwork and witnesses. Colette just laughed, did her thing and then informed me that I would be out of court by noon on that first day, I said, ‘But Colette, court doesn’t convene until 10:00 a.m. how can I be out 2 hours later?’ Then I quickly said, ‘You know what, I trust you, I trust in the Universe and so I will trust that it will work out.’

“Well, you could have blown my socks off. When we had everything all wrapped up, done, over, finished, I got a fair settlement, more than I had hoped for, the house, contents, was paid back for all the money he had stolen from me and also a portion of his pension … I was so very happy and ecstatic … and I looked at my watch as I was walking out of the Court Building and it was five minutes to noon …

“I had gone down that road 4 times before and the only difference was that Colette got me my divorce … Thank you Colette, you will never know just how you saved me, my pets but mostly my life.”

Love Marion, Spring Festival Of Awareness