The “Dirty D’s” are tactics outlined in papers, calculated by the “government” to destroy people’s reputations, influence the media, and manipulate the population. Edward Snowden, a former employee/contractor of the CIA and NSA. has relocated to Russia after leaking thousands of classified documents outlining NSA global surveillance programs in cooperation with several countries, businesses and governments.
Creating the magical event of Christmas, pursuing career goals, raising brilliant children and looking great while doing it, is hard work! For dessert, we are served “Single Awareness Day,” better known as Valentine’s Day! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, big business remain totally unemotional as they tug on the public’s heartstrings to rake in the big dough! Disruption is a common tactic used to purposefully prevent a system, process or event to proceed as usual by creating a disturbance. Most people who indulge in the fantasy of the “holiday season” underestimate the degree to which it diverts them from their goals.

What Is Fun For Some, Is Not Fun For Everyone!
grace your space with flare
Our local talent prints your art reproduction using premium fine art canvas, printed with archival, pigmented long lasting inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5” deep stretcher frame, resulting in a beautiful “gallery wrap” canvas art work that is ready to hang and enjoy. The edges can be either black or mirrored (“Color” option).