When people have self-judgment, it tends to lead to the need to be right because they think being wrong confirms their limitations and unworthiness. People forced to defend themselves as children may grow into defensive adults out of habit. If a person is committed to “having the last word” and promoting only their point of view, it leads to conflicts in intimate relationships, career, friendships, etc. The need to be right can be a very lonely place, loneliest of all, Placing exaggerated importance on mental clarity becomes an enemy of love because the mind will do its best to convince you that love is not real.
Attachment to being right can take precedence over love itself, inevitably leading to bigotry and intolerance. Desire to be right mixed with religion is a powerful cocktail that historically has led people to do terrible things to each other. True religion is the religion of kindness. Keep this in mind when you know you are right and everyone else is wrong!

Do You Have To Be Right, To Be Happy?
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