There are fundamental traumas that most often are re-enacted throughout peoples’ lives; abandonment, abuse, betrayal, denial and rejection and not necessarily experienced from someone else. It can also bring up residual memories of traumatizing others, of witnessing traumatic scenarios, and even of encouraging someone else to traumatize you. Insignificant events such as a smell, a siren, a visit to the doctor or dentist, accountant, lawyer, principal, being stopped for a traffic violation by a police officer, etc. can re-open “a can of worms.”
People often assume everyone avoids trauma, however many institutions and individuals thrive on drama and traumatize others intentionally. Even watching television broadcasts of natural disasters as well as man-made disasters, via the “news,” movies, commercials, etc., can trigger deep, long-held traumas to rise to the surface.

Life’s A Slice! Hold The Drama!
grace your space with flare
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