As they struggle for freedom the hatchling’s screams of frustration are accompanied by the maternal dragon’s shrieks of encouragement as she circles the egg. The unique pitch of their merged voices guides the male dragon to the nest, armed with quarry for the famished mother and the hatchling upon its’ arrival.

The newborn and the mother are emotionally and physically spent following the baby’s dramatic entrance into the world and must be cajoled into eating. Shortly after consuming their first feed, the mother tucks the infant under her wing and lies down with the newborn. The male dragon watches over them as the soothing rhythm of their combined heartbeats lulls them into a tranquil sleep.

Upon waking, the hatchling’s enormous appetite for life is immediately apparent. Healthy hatchlings are born with all hunting instincts intact! Alert and inherently curious, they will give chase to the slightest movement in their search for prey. Curiosity and naivety spiced with physical agility and stamina steep a powerful brew for attracting trouble.

Baby dragons tend to be stubborn and independent with no concept of limitations. This leads to theatrical displays of temper and manipulative means to access their wants. Meeting the physical and emotional needs of the hatchlings, while stimulating their intellect and keeping them safe from the hazards of their physical reality is a full time proposition requiring lightening fast reflexes and nerves of steel.

During these vulnerable years guardian angels are assigned to each baby dragon to guide and protect them. On the third full moon following the hatchling’s passage into this world a naming ceremony is held to celebrate their arrival. A crystal thread is placed around the hatchling’s neck by the angel in a symbolic gesture of the angel /dragon bond. Together they embark on their journey, traveling the cosmos to fulfill the promise of their purpose…