Before I started working with Colette I couldn’t move out of a dance level called Novice and the dance Slip Jig was the problem. I couldn’t get a first place in that dance. I had gone to many dance compositions but I couldn’t do it and when I did it I didn’t feel alive my energy was low and I wasn’t enjoying myself, then my mom introduced me to Colette on a phone conversation. As the session went on I started feeling a some what of a ‘click’ also my body was basically telling me this is what is going to help. I also felt many changes in my body, also I could connect myself to my body.

A day after the phone session I had a dance competition and dancing the Slip Jig felt amazing. My body just felt like it knew what to do, I felt energized and I felt like I had danced my dance which is an amazing feeling which is so great that it’s to hard explain. Well that day I got first in the Slip Jig. And then a couple months later I went to the Mid Atlantic Regional championships. I dance in the traditional set (a dance). And the moment I stepped on that stage I got a feeling that I get when I know something good is going to happen, and something good did happen I made no mistakes and out of sixty girls I won!

“Colette has changed my life problems and my dancing in many more ways by Colette.”

13 Shea Betten (11years told) New York