I have so enjoyed taking all four Call to Dance seminars.
Colette has empowered me with many issues over the years, for instance a lifetime of severe depression, anxiety and fear. She has helped me when no one else could. Finding out that a lot of physical pain such as sore backs, shoulders, headaches, etc. have underlying causes that are not what you expect and once the real reason is cleared the pain lessens or goes away was a a bit relief!
Colette and the information she shares has empowered me to overcome childhood trauma, domestic abuse, verbal abuse in the work place, depression suicidal thoughts and feelings. After taking Colette’s Call To Dance seminars I am able to shift myself and others.

I learned that I am not a freak because I was so broken! There was just a lot of trauma throughout my life that needed to be shifted.
Today I have moved away from a career in the automotive industry for health reasons. I now enjoy a wonderful position, providing First Nation’s children in foster care, the necessary information to keep them connected to their culture, where the are from, who their family is.
I am aboriginal, adopted at 3 months, this information was not given to me as I grew up in a non-aboriginal household. As I empower others, I am also discovering my own culture. I feel stronger and more at peace with the person I am

Tricia Bates, Penticton BC