The sixty-four cards represent the sixty-four tetrahedron grid of the Merkaba. This is the divine light considered by ascended masters as the vehicle they use to connect with and reach those in tune with higher vibrational realms. “Mer” means light, “Ka” means the spirit body, surrounded by counter rotating fields of light, “Ba” means the physical body. Spirals of energy in DNA transport spirit/soul/body from one dimension to another, allowing access to enlightened information.

Your personal Merkaba is two tetrahedrons connected by the two overlapping bases. The point of masculine polarity is at the top tetrahedron, facing towards the Great Central Sun. The point of feminine polarity faces the Earth. Your Merkaba is a torus of information inspiring you to tap into infinite potential. It is a feedback loop that gives you access to intuitive insight to live your authentic desires as a whole being.