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Money. Peace. Gossip.


When people experience jealousy, regardless of whether they are dishing it out or receiving it, they tend to dwell on their losses instead of taking consistent steps of action to improve their future. This keeps them in a state of lack as they participate in a constant loop of wanting what others have or doing their best to make others feel small as they pursue what they think they want. This leads to judgment of self according to other people’s values and standards. When jealousy rears its ugly head people are often shocked by the intensity of the experience. It would seem that no one is immune to jealousy; children, pets friends, lovers, family and co-workers. It is even possible to be jealous of your own self by comparing your self to who you have been in the past and who you might become in the future. (once you have the perfect partner, when you lost that weight, etc.) People are often jealous of their siblings, however on a larger scale the ultimate sibling rivalry is war between countries. The stories we fool ourselves with regarding jealousy are as endless as the reasons we can find to be jealous. Ultimately “turning green with envy” is often connected to the power of the “greenback” and the limiting belief systems of many societies who have the perception that “money makes the world go round.” (Torque does.) Use this card when you are unable to see your own beauty.

I’d Rather Be Better Than Bitter!