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Volunteer Work. Empowerment. Reality.


Our daily routine on earth can be compared to working on a jig- saw puzzle. It feels so satisfying as more and more pieces fall into place but then you realize that there are some pieces missing. You frantically search the floor, the table, the box but still come up empty handed. The disappointment creeps in as you convince yourself that the time you have already put in was wasted and instantly lose interest in completing the task at hand. The missing pieces of the puzzle that much of humanity is feeling on the planet at this time, is a direct effect of the indifference we feel as we step over homeless people to enter a fancy restaurant or to purchase the latest fad at a store, ignoring the suffering of a fellow human being as well as the suffering of countless animals tortured in factory farms to satisfy our desires. A little bit of each of us dies inside when we turn away from service to others but the problem seems so huge it is challenging to know where to begin to fix things. Use this card to support a meditative connection to the Universal Heart or Eighth Chakra, the Chidakash, located just above the head and felt in the physical body close to the heart, allowing for reconnection to unconditional love.

We’re All In It Together, A Work In Progress!