The Chariot represents the power of spin applied to Yin /Yang principles. This Energetic Upgrade is in motion. A torus of radiant, healing energy, spiralling and spinning into control. In this case, one plus one does not equal two. It equals infinite potential.

The third space of infinite potential, represents life force energy and the power of creation. Your feminine and masculine qualities are reflected back to you through your most intimate partners. It is likely when you feel conflict with your partner it is originating from conflict within your self.

Great Balls Of Fire!
grace your space with flare
Our local talent prints your art reproduction using premium fine art canvas, printed with archival, pigmented long lasting inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5” deep stretcher frame, resulting in a beautiful “gallery wrap” canvas art work that is ready to hang and enjoy. The edges can be either black or mirrored (“Color” option).