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Our local talent prints your art reproduction using premium fine art canvas, printed with archival, pigmented long lasting inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5” deep stretcher frame, resulting in a beautiful ‘gallery wrap’ canvas art work ready to hang and enjoy. The edges can be either black or mirrored. Prices include packaging.

Commissioned Paintings…

When my daughters were still babies, we were living in the tiny village of Minton, Saskatchewan when I began a small business, ‘Goose Prints’ selling commissioned paintings to the locals and my friends and family. I really enjoyed capturing the essence of their pets, horses and babies in particular.

I continued these paintings after moving to Milestone, Saskatchewan, attending art shows in the surrounding communities until we moved to Regina, Saskatchewan and my business, Bad To The Bone Dog Boutique, the demands of looking after several revenue properties, my children and my dad when he became ill, just didn’t allow time to continue with paintings. Then, in 2007 I was inspired to begin a series of sixty-four paintings for the oracle, Tails From The Vector, a project that I completed thirteen years later in 2020.

Over the years I have had many requests for commissioned paintings and am happy to say that I now have (some) time and the desire to capture these precious moments in these works of art again! Now, with the magic of the internet, e-mails, etc, unavailable at that time, it is so easy to access clear photos in natural light and even short action videos to capture the essence of the subjects in my portraits.

At that time, most of my paintings were watercolor, but now I prefer the medium of acrylic paint on canvas, partly because there is no need for framing and once complete, they are sent to you ‘ready to hang’, sprayed with a protective UV coating.

I am limiting these portraits to one size, 12”x 12” to facilitate their completion in a timely fashion, depending on my schedule when your order is placed.

The video below is from early 1990’s-2002. These images are photos of photos taken back then, so are not 100% clear, but allow you to see if you resonate with my portraits…

Order Your Commissioned Portrait!

Acrylic paintings are 12”x 12” on premium stretched canvas, arriving ready to hang and with a protective matte UV coating Pricing is in Canadian dollars and includes packaging.

Send an email to [email protected] SUBJECT: PORTRAIT with attached photo and/or short video with time frame if you want an ‘action portrait’ and a paragraph telling me why this is your favourite photo of your furry friend, baby. Feel free to include images of their favourite toy, etc. as well as any preference for background color. My goal is to complete your painting within two to three weeks but will depend upon my schedule and previous orders for commissions at the time. Input Your Information and Address For Price Of Shipping at Checkout


A poster with the words " truth is funny."
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THE TRUTH IS FUNNY shift happens…


If you dare to think outside of the box, you may shift out of limiting beliefs and expectations!

Many people who shift out of limiting beliefs break into peals of laughter as they recognize how they participated in what may be a giant cosmic joke…

The truth is funny!

Often stranger than fiction.



If you prefer the status quo and you are not interested in improving every aspect of your life, this book will trigger the shift out of you!

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In my contribution to this collaboration I share my tale of how my dad’s illness inspired me to investigate better ways to care for people, introducing me to remote healing. It was only fitting that my dad, Maurice Joseph LePage was the catalyst! He was an entrepreneur by nature and somewhat impatient. He used to say “Shift! Or get off the pot!” (something like that) …

At the age of sixty-eight, he collapsed at home, and within thirty-six hours was paralyzed from head to toe, unable to even breathe on his own. Upon admission to the hospital, he was kept overnight for observation. The next afternoon, my uncle found him blue and unresponsive in his room. He was resuscitated and taken to intensive care where the diagnosis eventually came back as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, that incidentally can be a side-effect of the flu shot.

My dad used to joke that the Guillain-Barré diet was the only diet that had ever worked for him. He lost over a hundred pounds as he worked to regain his ability to breathe, walk, talk and eat again…

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