Project Description



Dragonflies are intimately connected to dragon energy. They embody the power of flight and mastery of life on the wing. Viewing life from all angles, they use the power of light to escape the blows that life can deliver. These crystal rays reach out from the Great Central Sun to embrace and envelope love through the heart space.


Conceptional Channel. Feminine Potential. Feeling.


The Yin-Yang symbol is an image that consists of a circle divided into two teardrop shaped halves. One is white and one is black, and within each half there is a smaller circle of the opposite color. The black area is called Yin, representing lunar aspects and qualities of the dark. It is feminine, passive, intuitive, submissive and controlled by the right brain. Its effects are mainly seen on the left side of the body. The moon effects the cycles of the water on the earth because we are made up of mostly water, this creates a strong push and pull within our bodies, especially for women whose menstrual cycles naturally follow the cycles of the moon. When we are in synch with the tempo and rhythm of the earth we set the tone through feeling via our sensuality and are better able to tap into the Divine Feminine to access intuitive answers. Use this card to flip the FEEL switch on.

On The Right Side There Is Nothing Left!