Project Description



Dragonflies are intimately connected to dragon energy. They embody the power of flight and mastery of life on the wing. Viewing life from all angles, they use the power of light to escape the blows that life can deliver. These crystal rays reach out from the Great Central Sun to embrace and envelope love through the heart space.


Governing Channel. Masculine Potential. Thinking.


The Yin-Yang symbol is an image that consists of a circle divided into two teardrop shaped halves. One is white and one is black, and within each half there is a smaller circle of the opposite color. The white area is referred to as Yang and represents solar qualities of light and the solar flares that directly affect the ionosphere and radio communications on Earth. It is masculine, active, analytical, dominant, aggressive and controlled by the left brain. Its effects are mainly seen on the right side of the body and function much like a binary computer. Your energy is either strong to support your choices or it is not. An energetic upgrade occurs in a split second when you give yourself total permission to operate at 100% potential via a recalibration of your physical heart and your brain harmonizing with authentic desires held in your masculine energy field. Use this card to flip the THINK switch off.

On The Left Side There Is Nothing Right!