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Core Essence. Hind Sight. “Ahha Moment.”


A scotoma is a dissimulation of the visual field. A lack of light detecting photoreceptor cells creates a region of reduced information in the line of vision similar to a “blind spot” of a poorly designed automobile. Many more people have psychological scotoma, which is a dissimilation in perception that prohibits an individual’s ability to perceive personality traits in themselves that are obvious to others. There are four scenarios:

What you can see in yourself but others can’t see in you. What you can’t see in yourself but others can see in you. What others and you both can see in yourself. What neither you or others can see about yourself.

Personalities that have outgrown a person eventually create a fuss and hinder a person’s success. If personalities are creating havoc in a person’s life, they are like bored teenagers who are tired of hanging out with their parents. It is time to cut the apron strings and let them strike out on their own. Use this card to maneuver through life’s challenges with a strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type and that of others to inspire mutually beneficial relationships.

There Is Good Reason Why The Windshield Is Bigger Than The Rear View Mirror!