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Choice. Personal Truth. Image.


Your reality is formed by your perception of how the world is. If you perceive it to be a difficult place, it will prove to be difficult. If you perceive it to be full of possibilities with a “price to be paid” for every possibility, every possibility will come with a price tag. Every problem has a “story” and most of the tales we tell ourselves about the story of our lives are inaccurate accounts from the point of view of our sub-conscious and un-conscious minds. Often we will say “I want that!” and once we have “that,” we will say, “Now, I want this!” Once we have “this” quite often we decide that now we want “that.” This continual loop of wanting can be stopped with purr-ception. A cat’s purr resonates at a very high vibration, lowering stress, blood pressure and risk of heart attack. Purr-ception is your ability to be able to look on the bright side of life! When you go shopping take this card along to sharpen your purr-ception and quiet “the this and thats”! Your wallet will thank you for it! If you are going through a challenging time recognize that this too, will pass and with a good attitude, soon you will be enjoying that!

Sometimes The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side, Because It’s Fake!