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Dragon Sayer Card. Confidence. Results.


When people hear the word “psychic” they often think of a gypsy with a crystal ball, however everyone has this ability to a certain extent. For instance most parents have had that feeling “in their gut” that something is wrong with their child and upon calling home, find out they were correct. Another common scenario is thinking of someone who you haven’t seen in years and then receiving a random phone call from that person. Most people also have had the experience of feeling “goose bumps” and a coolness in the air that is often an indication that someone from across the veil wants to connect. Some people are born with very highly evolved “psychic abilities” that allow them to read other people’s thoughts, see things unseen by others, hear sounds that others are unable to, tele-transport to other locations, etc., but these abilities are not reliable or consistent when intuition and perception are not used along with them. Everyone is capable of connecting on the psychic level to access information, but if they don’t use their insight, that information can be very confusing. Psychic skills can be perfected with training, becoming reliable tools to improve every day life. Government agencies around the world have been using psychic training to gain access to information for many reasons for many years. Use this card to clear doubts associated with your intuitive ability.

It’s Cold In Here! Must Be Something In The Atmosphere!