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Ambition. Image. Rigidity.


Capricorn is the most ambitious and image conscious sign, ruled by Saturn, instilling discipline, limitations and contraction. They are often inspired by acts of kindness and have a strong sense of social justice with a natural tendency to laugh at themselves. The symbol for Capricorn is the mystic Sea Goat with the front end of a mountain goat ready to climb steep slopes, yet saddled with a fish tail on the hind end. Some let their tail “wag the dog” (or fish in this case) when they allow erratic emotions to motivate their climb, often causing a treacherous slide down the slope of success. The number one challenge for this aspect is to curb work-aholic tendencies in pursuit of material possessions and social standing or on the other side, avoiding responsibility at all costs. Response-ability is just that, your ability to respond to challenges. Use this card to remind you that everyone is on their own unique journey and reserve the right to travel at the pace that suits them.

Concentrate on pulling your own weight and enjoying the climb!

Common Physical Weaknesses: digestion, bones, knees and sacrum

Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits!