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Conviction. Culture. Marriage. HOW TO USE THIS CARD:

Libra is the mature adult of the zodiac, ready for marriage and

ruled by Venus, encouraging harmonious relationships, art and culture. The sun in Libra occurs at the time of the equinox when day equals night and is symbolized by the balancing scales.

People who are born under this sign have a natural elegance and charm and are often admired for their good taste. The number one challenge for this aspect is to remain steadfast in convictions when conflict rears it’s ugly head, disturbing the beauty and harmony we strive to maintain within our self, in others and our surroundings. Many times people unwittingly attract drama in their relationships because they want to avoid facing internal forces that create a conflict within themselves, Conflict often arises when the needs and authentic desires of the soul are put on the back burner to satisfy expectations from our self and others as well as our expectations of them. Use this card when you feel that your external boundaries are weak and your convictions are being tested by the influence of others to maintain your equilibrium.

Common Physical Weaknesses: bladder, kidneys and alkalinity.

Fool Me Once, Strike One. But Fool Me Twice? Strike Three!