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Mentality. Speed. Innovation.


Virgo is the young adult of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury, with a strong capacity for speedy mental processing. The symbol for Virgo is the virgin which originally meant a woman who was not betrothed, bound-to or possessed by any man and thus, free to be her own woman socially and sexually. The number one challenge for this aspect is to find perfection in imperfection.

People who have a wide range of interests are often drawn to work that is of service to others and love to share their knowledge on a variety of subjects. The analytical mind loves to engineer solutions out of logical thinking and can easily become overly fond of details that have a tendency to distort the “big picture” and the ultimate goal. In their pursuit of excellence, critical thinkers often overstep the fine line between critique and criticism, analyzing and being anal, thwarting their efforts to convince people who cannot see their vision to participate in what others may perceive as “pipe dreams.” Use this card when you feel blocked in your efforts to bring your ideas into fruition on the third dimensional plane.

Common Physical Weaknesses: bowels, solar plexus.

Sometimes The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart!