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Breathing. Humanitarian Ideals. Information.


Aquarius is most observant of all the signs, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, encouraging creative solutions and revolutionary intellect in alignment with the advancement of social and humanitarian ideals. The symbol for Aquarius, the water bearer can be confusing because Aquarians are most influenced by thought, represented by the element of air, yet the water bearer kneels down to pour water from a vessel usually associated with the emotional signs. In this case the vessel contains information poured from the fountain of knowledge. The number one challenge for this aspect is to step out of our comfort zone and become as neutral as possible when navigating the ups and downs of life so that you are less likely to attract outcomes that do not appeal to you and are more likely to make better choices. Many things in life are perceived as negative. When you become neutral to any given problem rather than attempt to convince yourself that a negative is a positive, you are open to creative solutions. As a collective, many people are “like a fish out of water” as we move out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. Use this card for support when you are stepping out of your comfort zone to “test the waters.”

Common Physical Weaknesses: ankles, white corpuscles

We Are Drowning In Information But Starved For Knowledge!