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Success. Leadership. Arrogance.


Leo is the teenager of the zodiac, ruled by the Sun, inspiring action from both the ego and higher self. The symbol for Leo is the lion. Leos are demanding when they assert themselves, insisting on being treated as a unique individual at the center of attention, as they mature, their natural leadership qualities begin to shine. The number one challenge for this aspect is to overcome pride and egotistical tendencies to temper what others may perceive as arrogant behavior, especially when unwarranted advice is given. It is torture for leaders, to watch others struggle when they have the answer that would enhance everyone’s experience and is not being implemented. Success is built on one performance after another; however, people who are energetically weak to failing may be much less successful than they appear because their fear of failure overcomes their desire for excellence. Use this card to remind you that there is no success without failure or failure without success. It is only a matter of perspective.

Common Physical Weaknesses: heart, motor nerves and back.

It Is Better To Have Sloppy Success Than Absolute Failure!