Project Description




Authentic Desires. Moodiness. Home.


Cancer is the adolescent of the zodiac, ruled by the moon. Cancer’s symbol is the crab. People who are born under this sign highly value their home life and are very security conscious to the extent that many would take their homes with them if they could. The number one challenge for this aspect is to take control of moodiness and their death-grip on the past to focus on authentic desires through conscious reason. It is common to hear people say, “I feel happy” or “I feel sad”. The fact is that you don’t feel happy or sad; you are reacting to the sensations that run through your body when you get in touch with the thought of those emotions. When you combine emotions with too much thinking it is challenging to feel for answers that would improve your situation. Feeling is really an “off and on switch”. We either feel weak to energy or strong to it. We complicate feeling when we name it as an emotion or a combination of emotions, confusing both the issue and the CNS. Use this card when your emotions are getting the better of you to remind you that you own your mind. Your mind does not own you!

Common Physical Weaknesses: breasts, stomach, spleen and elastic tissue.

Some People Are Like Clouds, The Day Becomes Brighter Without Them!