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Emotional Habits. Personal Power. Entrapment.


Attachment is the master karma with all the others rolled into one. Everything changes and loss comes to all of us, but the more we hold on to the loss, the greater the pain of that loss. Letting go of attachment leaves you free to love and free to live. Clinging to the small ego and its dramas is an attachment to emotion. Deep-rooted emotional habits are the building blocks of karma. Confusing love and personal power with attachments leads to issues with possession, especially of significant others. Children and lovers are not possessions. They are loaned to us with love. When praise or blame have power over you, it means you are giving in to attachment. Are you attached to the tale you have been spinning? What thoughts are you catching in your web? Are you ready to spin a new web, even more beautiful than the last? Clip photos of yourself as a baby, child, teenager and young adult to this card to correct attachments to limiting beliefs from memories that you are still clinging to.

What’s Yours Is Mine & What’s Mine is Mine!