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Righteous Anger. Criticism. Unworthiness.


Anger is “the gift that keeps on giving,” passed down from generation to generation, awakening feelings of shame and unworthiness learned in childhood. The combined emotions of anger and shame can cause reverse perception, where the slightest criticism leads to feelings of unworthiness and a need to constantly apologize for no reason. The mixed emotions of fear and anger foster paranoia, putting people in “attack mode” in an effort to avoid being attacked. Children and animals often bear the brunt of suppressed anger between adults when they “let off steam.” As anger accumulates, it builds into rage and literally can make people’s “blood boil” this can cause many health problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer to run in families. Others use religious beliefs, war and prejudice, to justify their anger and need to seek revenge. It is essential that we teach our children (we are all children) that there is such a thing as righteous anger. Righteous anger is useful in certain situations where clearly, the Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have done on to you,” is not being implemented or the people who are implementing it have lower standards than you have for yourself. If anger is rearing it’s ugly head and you feel that you are going to explode, use this card to calm yourself.

Heir Trigger Temper!