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Pets. Loyalty. Euthanasia.


Pets’ problems actually stem from associations with their owners as well as with other people or animals in the pets’ environment. The memories of mental, emotional and psychological traumas can be triggered instantly by smells, sounds, physical sensations and events, causing the animal to panic. Due to their shorter life spans, animals often have numerous psychic attachments to alive and dead bodies, mismatched body parts, and multiple personalities that merge into their present lives. Past life memories also cause seemingly unexplainable behaviors. Dogs in particular are very loyal and will dutifully take on their owners’ issues, whereas cats will only take on problems when and if they are in the mood! Most people have good intentions when they choose to ad a pet to their family, yet many pets end up in shelters, come from puppy mills, are lost, abused, hungry, etc. sometimes due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control but more often because of irresponsible choices out of alignment with a pet’s best interests. On the other end of the spectrum is the owner who clings to a pet when it would more kind to let them go. The answer lays somewhere between these two extremes but either way intent without action only creates karma (for the owner).

Use this card to make strong choices regarding your pets.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions!