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Listening. Hearing. Parasites.


Many people think of initiation as passing a test to get to the next level but it is also a reward for already taking the initiative to tackle the given tasks required with one hundred percent commitment. Bats represent death of ego. In shamanic circles, initiates, with the aid of plant medicine and specific diets confront their deepest fears for spiritual growth to let go of weak patterns and habitual fears. This can be very uncomfortable and frightening and many people experience deep sentimental sadness as they let go of their story, even if it is a real shifty one, and the “friend” they are letting go of turned out to be not so friendly, like smelly old slippers that would be embarrassing to wear in public. Bats sleep by day and fearlessly fly by night using feeling through sound to navigate the deepest, darkest caves, often triggering old fears of plagues because they commonly carry rabies. However, most people are blind as a bat to the hell they cause themselves through the infectious dis- ease of complaining, instead of taking initiative for strong change. Use this card to empower you to keep your ego in check.

Like A Bat Out Of Hell!