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 Ahnje Ecstascia is the Crystal Queen, Keeper of Crystal Magic. She is adored throughout the universe for the healing energy she has contributed by laying eggs that became the crystal veins around the Earth. Her spine is made of many crystals that align her CNS with her heart. She is in the flow and able to ride the wave of her infinite potential rather than being caught in the undertow. Invest time in nature and the Earth will reveal its bounty! It is constantly, effortlessly producing and providing, reminding us of all the beautiful treasures that life has to offer.


Grounding. Spiritual Growth. Flow.


When people speak of “source” energy, they are often referring to their version of God, which is dependent on their upbringing, cultural influences, religious and educational experiences. For others, source is more literally, defined as the point of origin for a stream of cosmic expansion and to the flow of the perfect structure of the fabric of the universe, the holo-fractographic nature of divine order that every human is connected with to experience co-creation, here on planet Earth. Place this card in your home to ground you and get you back into the flow of life. She is most helpful around house plants, rocks, crystals or any and all natural things. If you would like to benefit the environment you can attach her to the back of paintings of nature and also use her when searching for lost and buried Earth wizdom and knowledge. Program your jewelry by placing her in your jewelry box with intent.

It’s Crystal Clear! Go With The Flow!